Fertility treatments can be emotionally and financially exhausting. It is important to develop a relationship with the team that is providing your care. Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Shah approach every patient’s delivery of care as if it were their own family member being treated.

Every treatment cycle is individualized for each of their patients. Both Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Shah only perform one procedure at a time. This allows complete focus on that patient to maximize their chance for a successful outcome. The treatment cycles are started at the ovaries’ hormonal best rather than the laboratory’s availability.

NOVA does offer plan options to make the treatments more affordable for patients. We strive to deliver the best care in the area without hidden costs or gimmick pricing.

Due to high demand for the type of care provided at NOVA, our favorable success rates and because we are only a two physician practice, the wait time for a new patient could be 4-6 months. Both Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Shah understand that waiting to start a fertility treatment can be very frustrating, but after the new patient consultation the IVF treatment can begin with the next menstrual cycle. The NOVA team will work hard to shorten your wait if there are cancellations or schedule changes.

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