Single and LGBT Treatments

NOVA has always provided treatment to all patients regardless of there relationship status or sexual orientation.

Single patients as well as gay and lesbian couples have found NOVA’s warm non-discriminating environment a positive experience for their treatment and successful cycles. We have been providing treatment for our LGBT and single patients since 1987.


Fertility treatments can be overwhelming. This stress could be magnified by patients going through the treatment without a partner. We deliver a higher level of care that is personalized from both Dr. Schmidt and the NOVA Team which significantly reduces the stress for our patients going through the treatment without a partner.

Single women can have many treatments at NOVA including donor insemination in a natural cycle or donor insemination in a cycle with the ovaries stimulated to produce more eggs.

Single women may prefer IVF to increase the chance of success and to control the risk of multiple pregnancy.

Single men can also have treatment at NOVA. The first step is to find a surrogate either from an agency or to use a known surrogate. Once the surrogate has been cleared for getting pregnant and the options discussed, the intended parent and the surrogate can proceed with several treatment options at NOVA.

Lesbian Couples

There are many options for lesbian couples and Dr. Schmidt prefers to keep all options open for his patients when deciding on the best treatment for the couple. Some of the treatment options include:

  • Anonymous or known donor intrauterine insemination in a natural cycle
  • Anonymous or known donor intrauterine insemination in a cycle where the ovaries are stimulated to produce more eggs
  • Couples may need to consider IVF if artificial insemination has not produced a successful outcome after multiple attempts. Some couples prefer IVF because it allows one partner to carry a pregnancy from the other partner’s egg. NOVA has done cycles where both partners are stimulated at the same time and carry each others’ embryos. In summary the IVF options are:
    • IVF with donation of embryos to partner
    • IVF with same partner receiving embryos
    • IVF on both partners and exchange of embryos

Gay Couples

Gay couples have options for conception at NOVA. The couple will need to have a surrogate found from an agency or a known surrogate, such as a friend or family member.

The surrogate can then have artificial insemination with or without stimulation of her ovaries. This would be considered traditional surrogacy. Couples may prefer to have more control over the risk of multiples or have an embryo transferred that was created from each of the partners’ sperm. The treatment options are numerous and Dr. Schmidt prefers to design a treatment plan that is best suited for each couple.

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