Pregnancy Rates

NOVA is a member of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (SART). This means that NOVA prospectively reports their treatment cycles (when they start) so all the cycles are reported. The latest success rates can be found at Dr. Schmidt and his main embryologist, Fen-Chi DeFalco, have been working together since 2002.

There is an incredible amount of detailed work that happens in the IVF laboratory. This must be performed with perfect attention to detail, but also in an extremely efficient manner. Dr. Schmidt has personally selected an incredibly skilled embryologist to be sure every step of the in vitro process is flawlessly performed. Since moving to his new location in 2011 he has been able to treat his patients with the best fertility team and laboratory environment in the area.

A link to the SART website for NOVA statistics for the latest reporting year.

A comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics, treatment approaches, and entrance criteria for ART may vary from clinic to clinic.