Our Lab


NOVA opened a brand new IVF lab that features an advanced air filtration system, which is ideal for culturing human gametes and embryos. Our modern lab technology is a must for maximizing the success of every patient. NOVA’s prior location in Palo Alto was top performing due to the meticulous attention to detail of NOVA’s head embryologist, Fen-Chi De Falco.

With the new laboratory, NOVA has the opportunity to expand beyond the exceptional success rates they have experienced in the past several years, while still adhering the policy of only one procedure at a time. Using the most up to date equipment in the right environment together with an exceptional embryologist is why Dr. Schmidt is so excited about his new location. Now he can offer his patients even more with this new laboratory while bringing with him the reason behind NOVA’s excellent success rates, his embryologist, Fen-Chi DeFalco.


A new addition to the NOVA Team, Sean Pae has allowed Dr. Schmidt to offer even more flexibility to his patients. Together Dr. Schmidt, Fen-Chi and Sean feel fortunate to be able to offer their patients the best in IVF care.

NOVA’s IVF lab received accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP)

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